Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The shortest month

Hello again everyone, I hope you are all well. I can’t believe that February is almost over! I know it is the shortest month of the year, but it doesn't help at this time, as in a month, I have nearly all of my deadlines! The other day I came across some interesting information as to why February is the shortest month of the year, and is mainly because of the Romans and February being classed as an unlucky month. This is probably why they wanted it to be as short as possible. It may not be fact, but it was an interesting read nonetheless. February also held the half term for schools. I sure miss half terms, a week off from school, those were the days… at least it meant for me there were no school kids on the buses in the morning! Yay!

As you may know, travel is always a consistent topic in my entries, and this update will be no different. When I was in the USA last summer, I managed to earn myself over 11,000 air miles (or Avios as British Airways calls them) which for me means a free return flight (plus taxes) as far north as Bergen (Norway), as far south as Marseille (France), as far east as Prague (Czech Republic), and not much is west from the UK. I did recently discover though that I can earn extra air miles by shopping at Tesco from the points earned on my Clubcard. This means that I am now 1,600 air miles away from 15,000 Avios, which can take me as far as Helsinki (Finland), or Algiers (Algeria), as I now have 13,344 Avios points.

Whilst on the subject of Tesco, I have also recently discovered the Natwest Cashback Plus scheme applies there, which means that for every purchase at Tesco I use my debit card for, I earn 1% back! It may not sound like much, but from just doing my usual shopping, I have earned £0.29, which over time will add up and for not doing anything I wouldn't normally do. So there are two good reasons to shop at Tesco.

Until next time everyone, and as always, good luck with any studies you may have!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Master’s degree!

Hello again everyone, I hope you are well and don’t have one of those colds that seem to be going around that I have. I am going to go straight onto the subject of this blog entry today and talk about the master’s degree I applied to – MA Personnel and Human Resource Management. In which I have only gone and gotten myself an offer for! It’s only a conditional offer, and subject to me getting at least a 2:2 in my current degree, but in order to qualify for the funding for this programme for money off, I need to obtain at least a 2:1, which I am currently on track for (fingers crossed).

All I need to wait for now is notification to see if I have the available funding, so again, fingers crossed that hopefully I should get that as well. It means that I am trying to save as much as possible to cover the cost of it, which is proving harder than I expected because things cost an awful lot. One thing that should be saving me money each month is my phone contract. I had to have an issue resolved a few weeks ago, and when I was on the phone, the person I was speaking to said that I appeared to be on an old tariff where I was paying £37.50 per month, but she could move me to a new tariff where I will get the exact same deal, but for £27 per month, and I would still keep the same upgrade date as well. It was an unexpected, but appreciated deal!

I can tell already that this term is going to be a long one, not only do I have my dissertation to complete (getting questionnaires back is proving to be harder than I thought) I also have several other assignments to complete alongside my dissertation, so hopefully I should be able to manage. I do have a friend though that is always asking for help the day before the assignment is due (mainly because they haven’t started it yet) and I have decided that I am no longer going to assist, I have my own degree to focus on, and they should manage their time better.

Anyway, I hope you are all managing your time well and not relying on other people to carry you through your degree (I’m sure you aren’t) but I wish you all the best with any work you may be doing, until next time everyone! :)