Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lots to do!

Hello everyone, it’s me again. What a week it’s been! I had two 3000 word assignments due at the end of last week, and so spent the majority of my time working on both of those. And that’s still not the end; I still have five more to do before Christmas. I wonder why they decided to give me so much to do in the first term, and then in the second I have hardly anything. I guess they’re just mean like that, and all I can do is get on with it. I will say though that it is a great feeling when Turn It In says that the document has been submitted, a sigh of relief is needed.
In coffee related news, Starbucks finally sent me through my free drinks vouchers! Yay! This means that this week I can have two free drinks! And like it says on the voucher itself, something that is free always seems to taste better, which is true. I also got a free sample of the Eggnog Latte on my last visit, and it’s actually really nice! It’s a bit sweet, so I could only have a small one, but still is tasty.
Talking about eggnog has reminded me that Christmas is upon us, and in less than a month it’ll be Christmas, and then soon after it’s a new year! Where does the time go? At least between then and now I have two Christmas parties to attend, and two people that I need to buy secret Santa presents for. I’m really bad at buying presents for people I don’t really know, because I’m not quite sure what it is they would like, and the generic body wash just to me seems like “I think you smell, take the hint”. I know that isn’t the case, but it just seems like the easy option, which I possibly could have to take, hypocrite much.
At least I still have a little bit of money left that should tide me over until the next student loan/payday, so I’ll be able to buy those secret Santa presents, not that they’ll cost a lot of money anyway. Until next time…

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My Flatmates and Twitter

Hello again everyone! So if you remember from my last blog, I mentioned how most of my flatmates now have Twitter and follow me, and I thought this was a bad thing because then I couldn’t complain about them… well, actually, this sort of worked out to my advantage, the other day I tweeted about how the bins were really irritating me because no one would take them down and I’d done it the last few times, and then about 10 minutes later, I heard someone go to the kitchen and take the bins out. Now I’m not sure that this was due to my tweeting, but I’m just going to accept that it was. I can’t believe I actually got excited about someone actually taking the bins to, what has my life even come to *weeps*.

I have also finally realised that I have not been sticking to my plan about keeping up to date with all of my assignments… I have two due next week and am only about a quarter of the way through the first one, and then after those two, I still will have another four due in before Christmas… I can just see myself not leaving my room except for lectures and water.

What also doesn’t help is that I’ve arranged to visit an old friend at her university in Liverpool for the weekend, which means that there are four days where I won’t be able to complete my work. I’m excited about going to visit her, but I’m not as excited about losing four days of doing work. This means that as soon as I’ve written this, it’s back to the books to get them done ASAP!

The good news is that I will be paid soon, which will be very helpful seeing as I have somehow managed to spend practically all of my loan on goodness knows what. It’s like last year all over again, when will I ever learn…