Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My first blog!

So for the past few weeks I have been working for the University of Greenwich in the Enquiry Unit during the Clearing period. It’s been pretty good actually. When I got an email earlier in the year about the vacancy, and I saw it was for Clearing, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to give something back. After all, this time last year it was me on the other end of the phone looking for a university place, so I can empathise with the callers who may be feeling a little bit stressed about the whole situation.

The past few weeks have been great fun. It’s been really nice to meet new people, and even better ones that already go to my university who I may have never have gotten to know. Not only has it been laughs and fun times, I have learnt so much about the university, information I have been able to pass on to people calling up. There is something quite satisfying about being able to help someone I think.

During the quieter periods, when there haven’t been many calls, I have been researching studying abroad for my Masters. I know it’s still a few years away, but there is no harm in doing some early research. That way, when it comes to actually applying, I will have a bit of background knowledge so it’s not as daunting.

There isn’t too long now until I go back and start my second year of university! The first year absolutely flew by! People always told me that my years at university would fly by, and I never believed them. I always thought that it would go by really slowly, but I’m already one third of the way through. Scary stuff! This is a year to really start putting my head down, it actually counts this year… 

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