Monday, 8 October 2012

Back to my routine..

Hello again everyone! It’s been quite a while since I wrote my first blog, so I should really fill you in on what’s going on. Actually, quite a lot has happened over the past few weeks. The biggest event has been starting lectures and tutorials again. Back to the routine of waking up early! My timetable this year seems to be rather irritating as well, last year I had Thursday and Friday off which meant an extra long weekend to *cough* study *cough* where as this year, I have Wednesday only off, followed by a 9am start on a Thursday… this means no Sparrows on a Wednesday anymore *cries*. It’s not all bad though, it means that I get some peace and quiet to do some work whilst everyone else is out getting drunk.

What else has been going on then… well, I finished my role as a Clearing Assistant, and I applied and got the role working permanently in the Enquiry Unit *woo!* I also managed to get the role of Senior Events Assistant as well! I will be rolling in it come payday! Even though the semester has only just begun, I am already being inundated with deadlines and work and things I need to do. It’s a little bit overwhelming, but after I went through all the course guidebooks, I managed to make a note of all the work I need to do and when it needs to be in by. Organisation is the key at uni friends! If you’re not organised, I promise you that it will be 10x more stressful than it needs to be.

As you can probably tell from my avatar, I am a fan of coffee. I probably spend the majority of my loan in Starbucks, and you will most likely see me wandering around with a cup in my hand. A wall hanging in my room states “coffee, the most necessary of all evils”, which is such a true statement. I don’t think I’d be able to function if coffee were removed from my life.

Until next time

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