Monday, 29 July 2013

Work, work, work…

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well; it certainly has been a tiring month! As you may remember from my last blog entry, I had just gotten back from my holiday to California. I really wish I was still there, having time to relax, none of this full time work malarkey!

Not a great deal has happened to me this month; I haven’t been able to do anything, because I've not had the money to do so. That was the only downside to going away, because I wasn't working, I wasn't earning any money, so the pay for this month was… well, only enough to cover my phone bill and a few other direct debits I have. To be fair, I've been so tired from both working 9 until 5, and from the hot, humid weather, that I've not really wanted to go out.

The only thing I've done this month is going to the house of one of my flatmates for her birthday weekend. It was only in Surrey, so it didn't cost me much in train fare, and the club we went to on one of the nights was in Kingston, and wasn't too expensive when it came to entry and alcoholic beverages.  Overall it was a fun weekend, even though it did leave me feeling quite hung-over (I've not been drunk for a while, and I hadn't eaten much on the day). The only downside to the weekend was I couldn't afford to go to Thorpe Park, so whilst everyone else went there, I had to make my way home… it was sad times, but I can always go another time.

At least next month I will be able to actually do things, as I will have some money from all the work I've been doing this month, and I also should have gotten used to working a 35 hour week, meaning I should have more energy to be a more sociable person!

Hope you are all having a good summer so far and are keeping cool, or if you are away on holiday, I hope that you’re having a great time wherever you are!

Until next time, take care!

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