Monday, 19 August 2013

Travel, and work…

Hello again everyone, I hope you've all been keeping well in what feels like a while since I last gave you an update. So what’s new with me? Not a great deal to be honest, I've been working full time at the University, which takes up most of my week. I really hope that I can adjust to the 9 to 5 mentality soon, because this time next year I will hopefully have my degree and be looking for work!

Anyway, enough about work, I've been considering going away again over Christmas, ever since I went to California for my holiday, I feel more confident travelling alone. I would like to see more of Europe as well; apparently I've only seen 17% of it (according to an app I just downloaded to my phone called “been”). One of my friends and myself were discussing the idea of going Interrailing, which should make it easier to see more of Europe, and for a decent price too!

By looking at this map it looks like I've not been to many places, but I have just been to some countries several times. I would certainly like to change that and see more of the world. All I need now is some money… does anyone fancy lending me several thousands of pounds? If only it were that easy to get money, just have someone give it to you. Obviously that is not how it works, and if you want anything in life, to work for it. A lottery win about now would be great.

I have managed to put away £400 into a savings account though, which I am trying not to touch… how easy that will be, only time will tell…

Anyway, until next time, take care everyone!

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