Thursday, 15 May 2014

All good things must come to an end

Hello again everyone, I hope you are well. As the title of this blog suggests, the end has arrived… well, almost. On the 12th May, I finished the last exam of my bachelor’s degree! The exam wasn’t the best, and I wasn’t too pleased with it, but it’s all over and I can only hope for the best. I can’t believe how quickly the past 3 years have passed, and it certainly has been an enjoyable time.

At the moment I am not quite sure what to do with my freedom, but it means now I can watch TV without feeling guilty about not doing anything. I may also have to cut back on my caffeine intake, through the assessment period I have been living off of energy drinks, and coffee. Maybe I’ll just stick to water for a while… 

For those of you who didn’t know, I am a big fan of The Sims, and during the assessment period, I have refrained from playing it. This means that not only can I now watch TV without feeling guilty, I can now play The Sims as much as I like without feeling any remorse. It’s one of those games I can play for hours and hours, and then before I know it, I have played it for a whole day! I know it’s not for everyone, but I love it! I just like the way that in The Sims you can decide the fate of others, acting as a god so to speak.

I do have my master’s degree coming up in September as well, and I am looking forward to the challenge that comes along with that. I also have work over summer which will give me something to do, as well as the final amount I need to cover the costs of my degree. For those of you who are students at the University of Greenwich (even those of you graduating this year) and want something to do over summer, including earning some extra money, you should apply for clearing assistant position! The pay is good, and it’s some extra experience to put on your CV. Just follow this link for instructions on how to apply:

For those of you who still have exams left, I wish you the best of luck, I’m sure you will do well! Until next time everyone, take care!

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