Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Looking to the future

Hello everyone, I hope you are keeping well. Now that I have finished my undergraduate degree (soon to be graduate) I can now dedicate my time to doing some more things. I have a few events to look forward to over the next few weeks. I am going to Brighton with some friends for the day on the 29th of May. I've not been for a very long time and it will be nice to have a change of scenery for a day. I have agreed to drive, and for someone who doesn't drive very often, it should be interesting… and also as you know, I am going to Paris for the day with my friends on the 4th of June which I’m looking forward to, which I will be sure to tell you about when I get back.

Speaking of travel, compared to last year my plans for 2014 are not going to be the same. I was in The Netherlands in April of last year, and then in California, the USA for most of June. I still have air miles to use with British Airways, so I think I will have to look into going somewhere I've never been before, and after watching an episode of Made in Chelsea (yes I am a fan of the show) me and my friend were discussing the idea of going to Venice! I've never been to Italy, so I would like to go someday. There are several places I would like to visit in Italy, so I would have to go for more than just a day. With my master’s coming up in September though, I possibly won’t be able to travel as much, especially as I may not be earning enough.

I could always attempt to look for full time work whilst I am studying my master’s, as it only runs in the evening. By day I could be working, earning some extra money, and then by night I could study. Although doing a full time degree and working full time could possibly kill me, so I may have to rethink my options! Hopefully I will make some more plans over summer instead of simply working; as you know what they say about all work and no play! If last year is anything to go by, I did have a few events to keep me occupied.

Whilst I have you, I thought I would let you know I have received all my grades back, and I am very happy with them (apart from my exam results). I’ve worked out that I have 68% overall, giving me a solid upper second class! It is annoying that I am so close to a first, but until I receive my official results letter, I will not know.

I hope your exams went well and you also have things to look forward to over summer, until next time everyone!

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