Friday, 18 July 2014

Finally a graduate!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. As the title suggests, I have finally graduated! I now am the proud holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with second class honours (1st division) or a 2:1 to make it easier. I felt so proud of myself when I was sat in the chapel at Greenwich, dressed in the gown and mortarboard. It was the perfect way to end my degree, to officially be a graduate holding my degree certificate. At least it’s not my last one, when I complete my master’s degree; I’ll be able to do it all over again! The only problem with the day of graduation was how warm the robes were in the July heat! Other than that, it was a wonderful day that I will remember for a long time.

Other than graduation, not a whole lot has occurred with me. Life is still continuing on as normal, and work within the Enquiry Unit is keeping me busy. I also applied for a different role and was successful! This means I now have some new exciting challenges ahead in my role of team supervisor, which I am looking forward to starting on the 1st of August.

Other than that, there isn't much to report. Each weekend I have the standard summer plans to see friends and celebrate birthdays, which is always fun. Hopefully the weather doesn't remain too hot, I'm not a fan of the British summer; it’s just too humid! I'm a fan of winter personally. This may explain why I have had Christmas songs stuck in my head for most of the week.

That’s it for now though! I’ll be sure to update you if anything exciting happens, enjoy your time off everyone, and congratulations to all you recent graduates!

Ciao for now!

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