Monday, 23 March 2015

So close, yet so far…

Hello there everyone, I hope you are well. I can’t believe that I only have a few more weeks of teaching for my degree! I know I still have two exams to complete and a dissertation, but after the 2nd of April I will have no more lectures to attend! So as for the title of this blog, even though there are only a few weeks left of my lectures, I don’t actually finish my studies until September. For those of you who may not know, master’s degrees are slightly different to bachelor’s degrees in the sense they are one full year, as opposed to an academic year (usually around 9 months). This means that I won’t officially finish until September of this year.

In non-university (but somewhat university related) news, I do have events to look forward to once I have finished my lectures. Over the Easter weekend I will be going to York for the weekend with some friends from during my undergraduate studies. I haven’t seen some of them since last year, so it will be nice to see everyone again. The journey to York should also be fun, as myself and 3 other people are driving there; bring on the road trip! Speaking of road trips, I will be driving to Birmingham this weekend to visit a friend which should also be quite exciting. I will be doing the journey alone, however, so it possibly won’t be as fun, but an experience nonetheless.

For all you cat lovers out there, this blog’s interesting fact is about cats; cat whiskers to be precise! Interestingly enough, there are exactly 24 whiskers on every cat, with 12 on each side of their face. Whiskers are used by cats to hunt, as well as to sense their surroundings. Veterinary neuroscientists have found that cat’s whiskers connect to a part of the brain similar to the visual cortex, meaning that cats can effectively see with their whiskers. Cats also use their whiskers to judge whether or not they will fit into tight spaces, and research has found that cats with damaged whiskers can have difficulty completing some tasks.

Hopefully you found that fact just as interesting as I did, I hope you are all working hard, and all up to date with your work. Until next time!

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